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Avatars and Signature

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Avatars and Signature

Post by oldmixer on Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:25 pm

As a member of LITTLE MIX FORUM, you can choose, from our Gallery, an avatar - to make your username stand out and also to show your support for Little Mix. Members can also choose, from our Gallery, a signature which is added at the bottom of each post they make. The wide selection of avatars and signatures are in the Avatar and Signature thread - and are free to all members.

If you can`t, or don`t know how to, upload an avatar and/or signature to your profile once you are a member, then Rythmixfan1 - the founder and Site Administrator of Little Mix World - will be only too willing to do it for you if you contact him (via PM - personal message - on the forum) and let him know which ones you would like.

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