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Rules for Little Mix World Forum

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Rules for Little Mix World Forum

Post by oldmixer on Tue Jan 31, 2012 2:36 am

LITTLE MIX WORLD (LMW) FORUM, as with all forums, has a few rules which members must keep to.

1. Everything posted on here is Copyright © 2012 and have been credited to the poster or Newspaper/Magazine. If any member wants a copy of an article or photo then PLEASE either ask me Site Admin Rhythmixfan1 or one of the Joint Admins Lilmixer91 or oldmixer.

2. Anyone found posting indecent images. WILL BE BANNED STRAIGHT AWAY.


4. There will be young posters on here so Please mind your language when replying to or creating a post.

5. Any member whether New or been a member for some time found to obtained or trying to obtain a bootleg version of any of Little Mix Performances on DVD/CD will be banned forthwith.
Any member found to be doing the above will be banned and their IP address reported as it does carry a heavy fine and is an imprisonable offence. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

6. Should any member get asked for their phone number or address or find something on this forum they dont like, please contact either Site Admin Rythmixfan1; one of the Joint Admins Lilmixer91 or oldmixer; or Forum Admin Little Mix Fan Forever who will deal with it.
Do not get upset or stop posting, Report it.To report just click on any of the moderator's colours found at the bottom of the forum or the Admin's and our names will come up and then just send us a pm.

Thank you for taking the time to Read these Few but Important Rules
We hope you enjoy yourself as a member of Little Mix World forum.
Rhythmixfan1 (Site Admin); LilMixer91 (Admin); oldmixer (Admin); Little Mix Fan Forever (Forum Admin)

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