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Please post a Hi or Hello in the New Members Introduction, and tell us abit about where you come from as we have members already from all over the World as this Forum is now Global.
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About Little Mix World

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About Little Mix World

Post by oldmixer on Tue Jan 31, 2012 2:22 am

LITTLE MIX WORLD was founded on 13 December 2011 by Rythmixfan1.
Little Mix World reached 50 members on 31 December 2011 an hour before the end of the Old Year. Quite an achievement, in only 18 days of the forum starting, and had already got members in England, Ireland, and in Europe.
On 02 February 2012, 51 days 10 mins after Little Mix World was founded, LilMixer91 made the 1000th post, a news story, on Little Mix World forum.
Little Mix World forum is now truly global and has members and guests from all over the world.

LITTLE MIX WORLD Forum is run and administered by a small team, who like you are dedicated fans of Little Mix and receive no reward, save the pleasure of sharing information with other fans, and welcome any ideas or suggestions for the forum or any questions about Little Mix or the forum.

SITE ADMIN: Rythmixfan1.
I founded and created Little Mix World (LMW) Forum because I wanted somewhere for all fans of Little Mix to be able to come and chat about Little Mix in a friendly place, and for members to be able to save their work and posts and links, knowing that none of it was going to be lost.

JOINT ADMINS: LilMixer91 and oldmixer.
Our role is working together with joint overall control of Little Mix World (LMW) Forum, and we are jointly responsible for the content and maintenance of the Little Mix World (LMW) Forum Archive.
I`m LilMixer91 and my other duties include looking after the news about Little Mix - gathering press, TV, radio coverage, and getting youtube/ video links about Little Mix.
I`m oldmixer and my other duties include looking after the profile of Little Mix, as a group and individual members of Little Mix

FORUM ADMIN: Little Mix Fan Forever.
My role is control of Little Mix World (LMW) Forum.
I look after the "facts and figures" about Little Mix - chart places; followers on Twitter; Facebook likes; etc; and I am responsible for how Little Mix World (LWM) Forum is promoted.

GLOBAL MOD: davem1234
My role is to collect Facts & Figures, to help Forum Admin, Little Mix Fan Forever, and I also update the information, and collect any Twitter News, to pass to Administrator LilMixer91.

My role is looking after the forum for the benefit of members. If any member has any questions about the forum, please let me know as I am here to help. I also work directly to Administrator LilMixer91 to assist with news and video updates.

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